Mr. Pringle to Mr. Olney.

No. 191.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 189, of June 25, I now inclose copy of telegram, with translation, received from the minister of foreign affairs of Honduras.

I am, etc.,

D. Lynch Pringle,
Chargé d’Affaires ad interim.
[Inclosure in No. 191—Translation.]

Mr. Bonilla to Mr. Young.

Referring to my previous telegram, I have the honor to transmit to your excellency the communication which the governor and commandant of the port of Iriona sent me, which refers to the investigation of the case of the assassination of Mr. Renton, which says:

Iriona, June 12, 1895.

Mr. Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Respecting the Renton case, Mr. J. Grover Ward, W. Wohur, and Sorl have been captured. I have ordered them in prison. Other participants in the assassination are absent, Kelteland Sandhamen on the right bank of the River Wanqui, Fernando Eude in Bluefields, Eduardo Eude in the United States, and Johnson in Belize.

Some of the eyewitnesses are in Bluefields and other places. Some cattle and real-estate have been seized. The inquest in the case will soon terminate.

I will soon send you more testimony and some information relative thereto.

I am,

L. Y. De Rios.

I am, etc.,

César Bonilla.