Mr. Rojas to Mr. Andrade.

[Received from Mr. Andrade, April 12.—Translation.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose a duly certified copy of the resolution passed this day by the Congress of the United States of Venezuela, expressing its gratitude to the Congress and President of that Republic (the United States of America), in the name of this Republic, for the interest which they have displayed by official acts of recent date with regard to the subject of the Guiana boundary and its speedy and amicable adjustment.

I send you this resolution to the end that, in conformity with article 2 of the resolution itself, you may transmit it to the Department of State with the earnest request that it will immediately communicate it to the honorable Congress of that Republic and to its President, His Excellency Mr. Cleveland.

Your obedient servant,

P. Ezequiel Rojas.

The Congress of the United States of Venezuela, in view of the special message of the citizen President of the Republic, and

Whereas the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, have resolved that the suggestion made by the President in [Page 1481] his last annual message to that body is most earnestly commended to the favorable consideration of the parties interested, the said suggestion being that Great Britain and Venezuela submit their boundary dispute in Guiana to friendly arbitration; and

Whereas that resolution is in harmony with the firm purpose repeatedly expressed and maintained by the Venezuelan Government; and

Whereas the attitude of the high authorities of the great North American Republic is deserving of singular gratitude and appreciation on the part of the Government and people of Venezuela,

Resolves: Article 1. To tender, for so just a reason, its thanks, in the name of the Government of Venezuela, to the Congress and the President of the United States of North America.

Art. 2. This resolution shall be communicated to the National Executive, in order that it may be transmitted by him to the high authorities of that great nation.

Done at the hall of sessions of the Congress, at Caracas, this 29th day of the month of March, 1895, in the eighty-fourth year of independence, and the thirty-seventh of the federation.

Mariano Espinal,
President of the Congress and of the Senate Chamber.

J. Francisco Castillo,
Vice-President of the Congress, President of the Chamber of Deputies.

Fermin Bello,
First Vice-President of the Senate.

J. Arosteguí,
First Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies.

Francisco Alvarado,
Second Vice-President of the Senate.

A. Ramella,
Second Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies.

Francisco Pimentel,
Secretary of the Senate.

Miguel Caballero,
Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies.

Federal palace of the capitol at Caracas, March 29, 1895, eighty-fourth year of independence and thirty-seventh of the federation. Let it be executed, and let care be taken that this be done.

Joaquin Crespo.

P. Ezequiel Rojas,
Minister of Foreign Relations.

A copy:

[l. s.]

Minister of Foreign Relations.