Mr. Gresham to Mr. Muruaga.

No. 12.]

Sir: In connection with my note to you of the 30th ultimo, touching the possible shipment of arms to Cuba in violation of the neutrality laws of this country, I now have the honor to apprise you of the receipt, of a letter from the Acting Secretary of the Treasury of the 19th ultimo, transmitting copies of letters from the collectors of customs at New Orleans, at Fernandina, and Key West, dated, respectively, the 21st, 22d, and 25th ultimo, upon the subject.

The collector at New Orleans remarks that the surveyor of customs and the United States attorney have been advised of your complaint and directed to cooperate with that officer to prevent, if possible, any violation of the laws of the United States. It is added that every effort will be made to prevent the shipment of any arms in the manner referred to by you or any other violation of the neutrality laws of the United States.

The collector at Fernandina says that he will use all means at his command to carry out the instructions of the Secretary of the Treasury to prevent a violation of those laws, and the collector at Key West indicates that his office has given particular attention to and is using every effort to prevent any such violation. The entire force in this service, it is said, has been instructed to be on the alert, and to report any attempt or any information that they may receive of intended violation of such laws.

Accept, etc.,

W. Q. Gresham.