Mr. Taylor to Mr. Gresham.


Minister of state has answered your telegram of the 14th ultimo, as follows:

Sufficient information is still wanting to authorize a reply as precise and concrete as the Government of His Majesty sincerely desires, but I am pleased to assure you at once that it is not its purpose, and never has been, to put obstacles or obstructions of any kind in the way of the legitimate commerce of the United States. With this feeling and without prejudice to the exercise of the right which belongs to us in our maritime zones, opportune instructions have been sent to the commanders of the ships of His Majesty first by telegraph and afterwards at greater length by mail. I shall have the honor to supplement this note as soon as I shall receive the report which has been ordered to be drawn up as rapidly as possible at Havana for the purpose of investigating the affair with the Alliança, and which my colleague, the minister for the colonies, expects to receive very soon. The Cabinet at Washington may be assured that if the commander of the Venadito, believing to act within his rights, should have committed an error, His Majesty’s Government shall regret it [Page 1181] sincerely and shall proceed respecting the said commander in the form and manner which the case requires. It is to be hoped that the Government of the United States will appreciate the sincerity of the sentiments which animate that of His Majesty when the nation which you so worthily represent is concerned, and to which Spain prof eases the most cordial friendship.