Mr. Muruaga to Mr. Uhl.

The Spanish minister presents his compliments to the Hon. E. F. Uhl, Acting Secretary of State, and has the honor to forward herewith the official report wired by the Captain-General of Cuba, referring to the alleged firing on the Alliança.


Governor-General of Cuba to Mr. Muruaga.

According to sailors, an inspection of log book Conde Venadito shows that that vessel at daybreak of the 8th espied steamer with bow to the northeast off Maysi, displaying her flag, the other replying with the British [flag], Venadito making for her without being able to overtake her.

The signal to heave to was subsequently made to her. She did not stop. After firing cannon twice, and afterwards again twice with solid shot, without effect, and seeing that she could not get within range, and Maysi having been passed, she steered to leeward and gave up the investigation. When the first solid shot was fired she was distant from the steamer one mile and a half, and the same from the land; she was athwart port and the seamer on the starboard tack. As the incident occurred on the day and at the spot in which it is supposed that that of the Alliança took place, it seems certain that she is the steamer to which Venadito refers. For greater accuracy of particulars the commander of the naval station ordered a revision [of the] report.