Mr. Adee to Mr. Taylor.

No. 364.]

Sir: Your dispatch No. 377, of June 20, in relation to the Mora claim, was not received here until the evening of July 5, after your telegram of July 4 had come to hand; and the time necessarily employed in consideration of the questions presented precluded your being instructed by cable in season for the promised conference with the minister of state, which, in view of the urgency of the matter, it is presumed has already taken place. I have cabled you to-day directing a report of that interview to be sent by telegraph and limiting you for the present to the instructions you have heretofore received.

I send herewith, for your confidential information, copy of a note addressed by the Secretary of State to the Spanish minister on the 22d ultimo, with a view to preventing any possible misapprehension as to the position assumed by the United States with respect to this longstanding obligation of Spain; also a copy of the reply of Mr. Dupuy de Lôme. At the date of your telegram of July 4 the text of Mr. Olney’s note was doubtless in possession of the Duke of Tetuan, and any conference held by him with you would have been with full knowledge of the position here taken. The communication of this correspondence will suggest to you the grounds for the belief here entertained that immediate pressure may be most conveniently exerted at this end of the line, and you will readily understand that the limitation of your action to instructions heretofore sent you, as stated in my telegram of this day., is designed to avert any possible embarrassment through any conflicting negotiation at Madrid.

I am, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.