Mr. Adee to Lord Gough.

No. 160.]

My Lord: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 24th instant, stating that Her Majesty’s Government concurs with the Imperial German Government in accepting the offer made by Mr. Gresham in his note of the 18th of April last, in which he said that while he did not feel authorized to issue to the consul-general of the [Page 1154] United States at Apia such regulations as were proposed in the ordinance for restraining the sale of arms and ammunition, this Government would nevertheless have no objection to authorizing the consul-general of the United States at Apia to impose on the guilty parties the punishments contemplated by the proposed ordinance, in cases where American citizens may be charged with violating the prohibitions of the general act of Berlin in respect to the importation and sale of arms and ammunition.

With reference to the hope expressed by you in the conclusion of your note that the necessary instructions will at once be sent to the United States consul at Apia in the sense of Mr. Gresham’s above-mentioned note, I have the pleasure to inform you that your present request has been anticipated by an instruction sent to the American consul-general at Apia, Samoa, under date of June 17 last.

I have, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.