Mr. Kurino to Mr. Gresham.

Sir: I have just received by telegraph from His Excellency Viscount Mutsu, His Imperial Majesty’s minister for foreign affairs, instructions which read as follows:

Inform the Secretary of State that I have received with much satisfaction your telegram announcing the exchange of the ratifications of the treaty. You will express [Page 970] to Mm our high appreciation of the friendly attitude continually maintained by the United States of America throughout the protracted negotiations for treaty revision, and assure him that the result will certainly draw still closer the bonds of cordial friendship which have ever existed between the two countries.

I have great pleasure in communicating this message to you, and in adding to it the expression of my own gratification at the conclusion of a treaty so just to Japan, and so well calculated to foster and perpetuate those relations of sincere good will which have always been such a notable feature of the intercourse between Japan and the United states.

To you personally, Mr. Secretary, I beg to express the sense of obligation I entertain of your effective efforts to bring about the successful consummation of the task with which we were intrusted by our respective Governments, as well as my cordial thanks for the considerate and appreciative attitude on your part which has so largely tended to make the performance of that task a most agreeable duty for me.

Accept, etc.,

S. Kurino.