Mr. Olney to Mr. Young.

No. 265.]

Sir: On the 6th instant I telegraphed you that the claim of Mrs. Renton was temporarily held in abeyance awaiting the result of the criminal prosecution. It has been decided that the claim against Honduras growing out of the murder of Mr. Renton shall not be pressed for the present. That Government has assured this Department of its intention to push the prosecution of the persons charged with the murder of Renton promptly and vigorously to a conclusion. If the trial is conducted accordingly, the claim for damages and indemnity may remain in abeyance until the result of the trial is known. Then you will be fully instructed what to do. This suspension of the claim is without prejudice and is not intended as an intimation that it will be abandoned or that the claims are in any respect weak or ill-founded. The desire of this Government is, first, that the authorities of Honduras may be left free to punish the murderers of Renton; after that, such action as the conditions call for will be taken respecting the claim.

I am, etc.,

Richard Olney.