Mr. Olney to Mr. Young.

No. 217.]

Sir: In connection with the Department’s recent instruction in regard to the death of Mr. C. W. Kenton, I have now to inform you of the receipt of a letter from Mr. George W. Dease, dated New York, the 13th instant, wherein he states that one of his correspondents at Cape Gracias, Nicaragua, under date of August 24 last, writes as follows:

All of the assassins, less one, are are in jail at Truxillo, as follows: Edgar Eude, Dawe, Isert, Sandham, and Kittle. Edgar returned to Honduras from the States and was grabbed. The two that were at Millers gold washing were dismissed from the camp and returned to the old place, and were grabbed immediately. So all except Eude’s brother, who is, or was, at Rama, up the Bluefields River, are in. We all hope here that they will be punished according to their deserts. We got this news to-day by a Carib dory from Truxillo. The sending of the Montgomery to investigate did an immense good.

Mr. Dease further says that he has received a letter, dated Bluefields, Nicaragua, August 23, 1895, in which it is stated that “Fernando Eude has left here [there], as the party he was working for has sold out the plantation he was on. He has gone to Cape Gracias, presumably on his way to Brewers Lagoon, though I was unable to find out.”

Mr. Dease concludes with the statement that he “was informed that the Creole McCoy, who assisted the murderers, was, and probably still is, confined in jail at Belize, British Honduras, for a crime committed there previous to the Renton affair.”

I am, etc.,

Richard Olney.