Mr. Willis to Mr. Gresham.

No. 45.]

Sir: I have to inform you of the arrival in this port, on the 22d of this month, of the Japanese man-of-war Takachiho. The Japanese man-of-war Naniwa returned from the island of Hawaii the same day. The Takachiho carries 360 men and officers, and has the following armament: Two 26-centimeter Krupp guns, 6 15-centimeter Krupp guns, 2 47-millimeter quick-firing guns, 10 1-inch Wordenfeldt, and 4 Gatling guns. She has 4 torpedo tubes.

The officer in command, Capt. T. Nomura, during his official call on the 23d instantiated that he expected to remain here several months.

With high esteem, etc.,

Albert S. Willis.