No. 20.
Statement of J. C. Quinn.

A few brief notes of what I saw on January 17, 1893, the day the Provisional Government was established, about 2 p.m.

I was driving along King street, going towards the Government building; when I reached Palace square I heard a pistol shot; I looked back and saw a large crowd by E. O. Hall & Son. The minute the shot was fired I heard the rumbling of wheels in the direction of Arion Hall. I drove over that way and saw some of the blue jackets who were camped there getting ready for action.

They ran their cannon out so that it pointed towards Palace square. The blue jackets stood ready for action, some at the cannons, the rest formed in line behind the cannons with their guns in hands. I can’t say positively whether there were two cannons or not. This detachment of blue jackets that I speak of were on the northwest side of the Arion Hall. The men and cannon, as they were drawn in line, faced towards Palace square. I drove around the Opera House, turned down Mililani street, which is on the southeast side of Arion Hall. I saw a lot of blue jackets drawn up in line, ready for action, with their cannon and men facing towards the Government building. The blue jackets I speak of means the ones which were landed from the Boston on the 16th of January last. I drove down Mililani street and around to the U. C. C. office. I saw Mr. Hall standing by his store. I asked him what the shooting was about. He said that John Good had shot a policeman, for trying to stop a wagon which contained arms. I told him that the blue jackets were getting ready for action. He said that was good and ran down towards the Arion Hall, In a few minutes I drove back to the Government building and saw some armed men standing in front of the building, armed with guns.

J. C. Quinn,
Manager United Carriage Co., Telephone 290.