No. 15.
Mr. Wilcox to Mr. Blount.

Hon. James H. Blount,
United States Commissioner, etc.:

Yesterday I stated in my letter to you the position I held for sometime, which you will see in my scrap book. But I wish now to call your attention to the opinion of the Hawaiians as to the treaty made and submitted to your congress by the commissioner of the Provisonal Government, which President Grover Cleveland has withdrawn from the congress. The Hawaiians are a unit against that treaty in its present form, because it was intended by those commissioners to disfranchise the Hawaiians.

The Hawaiians love liberty and the right of suffrage; and would only be willing to be annexed to the Union with the understanding that they [Page 1063] would be taken in as citizens of the United States. In other words, that the full privileges of United States citizens would be given to them.

The present Provisional Government started in a way to produce the most violent race prejudices. One thing is sure, every Hawaiian regards the Harrison Administration with disfavor and looks hopefully to Mr. Cleveland’s Administration.

I am sure if the Congress of the United States admits Hawaii as a state of the Union, every Hawaiian will become a strong supporter of the Democratic party of the United States.

Respectfully, yours,

Robert W. Wilcox.