No. 14.
Mr. Wilcox to Mr. Blount.

Hon. J. H. Blount,
United States Commissioner, etc.:

I beg to submit my scrap-book for your inspection, which will shed some light on the motives which actuated me and my associates in the conspiracy of May 1892.

You will please notice a letter from Fred. M. Somers to the San Francisco Examiner under date of May 24, 1892, and also an extract from the Illustrated American of December 26, 1891, and some extracts from the P. C. Advertiser of Honolulu of the month of May 1892. In the main these statements are correct.

My chief object was to establish a Republic with the view to ultimate annexation to the United States of America.

If annexation should be rejected by your Congress, which I hope not, I still believe that a Republic with the closest possible relations, commercial and otherwise, with the United States would be the best for Hawaii.

The reëstablishment of monarchy, in my humble opinion, ought not to be considered for a moment.

Most respectfully yours,

Robert W. Wilcox.