Mr. v. Mumm to Mr. Blaine.


Mr. Secretary of State: I have the honor, in obedience to instructions received, herewith to transmit to you a communication from Count von Schlieffeh, chief of the royal Prussian staff of the army, whereby he tenders his warmest thanks to the War Department of the United States for a valuable collection of publications of that Department, which was transmitted to the royal Prussian grand staff by Mr. Phelps, envoy of the United States of America.

Count von Schlieffen has the honor, at the same time, to send the accompanying works on military history, issued by the staff, to the War Department, and also to express the hope that the exchange of publications, which has been thus begun, may continue permanently.

I take the liberty, in conclusion, to remark that if any similar publications are hereafter to be sent to the imperial military authorities, it will afford me pleasure to forward them, unless it be preferred to send them directly to the foreign office through the envoy of the United States.

Accept, Mr. Secretary of State, etc.,

A. von Mumm.