Mr. Wharton to Mr. von Mumm.

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 24th ultimo, relative to Mr. Haggard’s memorandum concerning certain differences of opinion that have arisen between the chief justice in Samoa and the land commission in regard to the expenses of the commission in question.

This Government concurs in the view of the British Government, as stated, that the expenses set out in Mr. Haggard’s report are necessary to the performance of the duties of the commission, and also in [Page 630] the suggestion contained in your note that one person should be engaged by the commission who, for a moderate compensation, will perform the services of secretary and interpreter.

This Government would suggest that each consul be instructed by his Government to inform the chief justice that his Government is of the opinion that all the items of expenditure as stated in the letter of the land commission to the chief justice, dated May 30, 1891, are reasonable and necessary expenses of the commission for taking evidence and making surveys, and is willing to pay one-third of the same if he shall approve them. Meanwhile the consul-general of the United States at Apia will be instructed to pay one-third of the expenses of the commission which are approved by the chief justice, and if any of the particular items now in question should fail to obtain his approval, to pay this Government’s share of them also.

Accept, sir, etc.,

William F. Wharton,
Acting Secretary.