Mr. von Mumm to Mr. Blaine.


According to Article v, section 5, of the Samoa act, the appointment of a president of the municipal council of Apia is necessary; this officer is to be installed by the Samoan Government, and so far as may be possible, is to be jointly selected by the treaty powers.

The Government of His Majesty the Emperor has endeavored to find a person among the German administrative officers whose previous training and personal attributes qualify him to fill the position in question.

The undersigned now has the honor to name to the U. S. Government the Royal Prussian prime justiciary (Oberamtmann), Baron Arnold Senfft von Pilsach, and to recommend him, in the name of his Government, for the office of president of the municipal council of Apia.

The same proposition will be submitted to the Royal Government of Great Britain by the imperial ambassador at London.

Baron Senfft von Pilsach is 31 years of age, in religion a Protestant, and has filled a judicial office (that of Regierungs Assessor) since May 14, 1888.

He has the best testimonials from his superior officers, and there is every reason to expect that he will discharge his duties as president of the municipal council at Apia in an upright, honorable, and impartial manner.

Baron Senfft von Pilsach is very familiar with judicial business, and is conversant with the English language.

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Under these circumstances His Majesty’s Government hopes that the U. S. Government will agree to his appointment.

The undersigned avails himself, etc.,

A. von Mumm.