Sir Julian Pauncefote to Mr. Blaine.

Sir: As you are doubtless aware, among other considerations in connection with giving effect to the final act of the conference on the affairs of Samoa, the question has arisen as to when the salary of the chief justice is to commence, and as to whether he should receive an allowance for outfit and passage money.

The article of the final act dealing with the appointment of the chief justice is silent upon these points, and they will have, therefore, to be settled by agreement between the three signatory powers.

In accordance with instructions which I have received from the Marquis of Salisbury, I have the honor to inquire what views the U. S. Government hold on this subject, and at the same time to suggest the adoption in the present instance of the rule followed by the foreign office in London in similar cases. Under this rule the salary commences ten days before the departure for his post of the person appointed.

As regards outfit and passage, Her Majesty’s diplomatic and consular officers are entitled on first appointment to a sum amounting to a third of their salary by way of outfit, and to the cost of their own passage, with one servant, to their posts.

I am to add that Lord Salisbury, while considering that some such allowances should be granted to the chief justice of Samoa, does not desire to press this scale upon the U. S. Government in preference to that which may obtain in their own service.

I have, etc.,

Julian Pauncefote.