Mr. Mora to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: As I understand that the Government of Spain will pay to our distinguished minister at Madrid, the Hon. Mr. Curry, as agreed in November, 1886, the amount fixed as due to me in satisfaction of my claim, and that the payment will take place as soon as the Cortes reassemble, and the colonial appropriation bill, or budget, is passed, and the Spanish Government raises under the authority of the said budget the necessary funds, I now have the honor to request that the proper instructions be transmitted to the aforesaid distinguished minister, Mr. Curry, to the effect that whatever moneys he may receive from the Spanish Government in satisfaction of my claim be wholly transmitted by him in the usual way to your Department, in order that here and nowhere else, and by this Department and by no one else, the said moneys be in due time delivered to me.

This is the way in which all previous payments have always been made, and it is the simplest and the best in every respect.

I also desire to state that in case that the Spanish Government should fail to comply with its engagement of November, 1886, and the money is not paid, or is not paid in due time, I consider myself to be entitled to claim for interests.

I am, etc.,

Antonio Mmo. Mora.