Mr. Snowden to Mr. Foster.

No. 102.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose copy of my note to the Marquis de la Vega de Armijo accepting, on behalf of my Government, the Nao Santa Maria, which was omitted in my dispatch No. 72.

I have, etc.

A. Loudon Snowden
[Page 574]
[Inclosure in No. 102.]

Mr. Snowden to the Marquis de la Vega de Armijo.

Excellency: I had the honor to communicate the generous proposal of His Majesty’s Government to deliver, as a souvenir to my Government, the Nao Santa Maria, after she has performed her unique part in the naval review in New York Harhor and subsequently in the ceremonies which are to take place at Chicago on the arrival of this vessel and her consorts, the Niña and Pinta, and am instructed, in accepting the custody of this interesting reproduction of the most memorable vessel in history, to convey to your excellency an expression of the high appreciation of my Government at this mark of distinction which has been conferred, and to assure the Government of His Majesty, which you so worthily represent, that the vessel will be preserved, not only as a souvenir of an illustrious event in history, but as an evidence of the cordial good feeling existing between our two Governments.

I avail, etc.,

A. Loudon Snowden.