Mr. Snowden to Mr. Foster.

No. 72.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose translated copy of a communication from the Marquis of Vega de Armijo, minister of state, making a formal tender to our Government of the caravel Santa Maria.

This reproduction of the vessel in which Columbus sailed in his voyage of discovery to the New World is well constructed and cost the Spanish Government over $30,000.

The friendly considerations that induce His Majesty’s Government to make this generous offer and the flattering terms employed in communicating its wishes, must awaken the liveliest sentiments of appreciation on the part of our Government and people.

I have, etc.,

A. Loudon Snowden.
[Inclosure in No. 72—Translation.]

The Marquis de Vega de Armijo to Mr. Snowden.

Excellency: The Government of His Majesty, wishing to give an expression of its especial regard for the United States, has agreed to offer for the acceptance of that Government the caravel Santa Maria, a reproduction of the one used by Columbus in his discovery of the New World.

No other than the great American nation can so worthily assume the duty of preserving as an object of historic interest the above-mentioned vessel. This, with the other two models of the Nina and Pinta, will remain as a precious souvenir of that unparalleled and memorable expedition.

Whilst informing your excellency of the action of His Majesty’s Government, it is very pleasant to me to reiterate the assurances of my most distinguished consideration.

The Marquis de la Vega de Armijo.