Mr. White to Mr. Gresham.

No. 100.]

Sir: On May 10 I received a letter from one Joseph Glowacki, dated at Kempen, province of Posen, Germany, making a statement to the effect that being an American citizen in the employ of a manufacturing establishment at Gzerstockowa, government of Petikow, Poland, he had been summarily expelled on eight hours’ notice by the local police; thrown into prison and kept there four days, from which he was only released on his signing an agreement not to return to Russia under pain of banishment to Siberia; and then taken over the Austrian frontier and set free. He declares that the only reason assigned for the treatment he has received is a charge made by a drunken employé, who had been discharged from the factory, to the effect that he had spoken disrespectfully of the Emperor. This he says that he has never done and that all the other workmen would testify that they had never heard him utter a disloyal sentiment. He further says that he has been obliged to leave behind him his aged mother, of whom he is the only support.

The letter is well written in fairly good English, and while, of course, I could know nothing as yet of the other side of the case, it raised in my mind so strong a presumption in his favor that I at once addressed a note to the foreign office, urging the earliest possible examination of the case, and the young man’s speedy restoration to his situation and [Page 543] to the support of his mother, if the facts are found as stated. At the same time I wrote to Glowacki, informing him as to the steps which had been taken here, but took the liberty of suggesting the question whether in case the matter presents any doubtful features and the decision upon it is delayed, he might not well reenter into the enjoyment of his rights and the discharge of his duties as an American citizen within the country of his adoption. The fact that his letter is so well expressed and that his employers think so well of him that they are holding his place open for him, would seem to indicate abilities on which he could rely to secure him a situation quite as well remunerated in the United States.

The Department shall be informed regarding any further developments of interest in the case.

I am, etc.,

Andrew D. White.