Mr. White to Mr. Gresham.

No. 81.]

Sir: Referring to Mr. Wharton’s dispatch No. 60, of February 28, 1893, in regard to the case of Mrs. Minnie Lerin, a naturalized citizen of the United States born in Russia, to whom a visa was refused at the Russian consulate-general in New York, I have taken no action for the reason that there seems little chance at present of securing anything either in behalf of the person above named or of the doctrine for which our Government has so long contended in vain. While ready to seize any favorable opportunity to bring up the subject and to urge views favorable to the doctrine which we would naturally like to see established, I have thought it wise to await the return of the minister of foreign affairs, M. de Giers, who can speak and act with an authority on subjects of this kind which the acting minister can hardly be expected to possess.

I have, etc.,

Andrew D. White.