Mr. Foster to Mr. Wurts.

No. 212.]

Sir: I inclose herewith a statement with accompanying certificates made to this Department by Mrs. Jennie Goldstein, of New York City, concerning the alleged arrest and imprisonment of her husband, Jacob Goldstein, at Kharkov, Russia, on the ground that he “is amenable to militia duties.”

The records of the Department confirm this statement of Messrs. C. B. Richard & Co., that Mr. Goldstein received a passport, No. 35320, from this Department. It was issued February 23, 1892, and sent to Messrs. Richard & Co., to be forwarded. From Mr. Goldstein’s application it appears that he was born at Tszelecz, in Russia, July 4, 1862; emigrated to this country in 1879, and was naturalized before the superior court of the city of New York, October 8, 1888; his certificate of naturalization having been duly produced with his application for a passport.

I will thank you to apply in the proper quarter for information concerning the reported arrest of Mr. Goldstein and the nature of the charges against him. Should his case fall within the purview of the standing instructions of your legation, you will take such action as may be necessary and proper to protect Mr. Goldstein’s interest.

I am, etc.

John W. Foster.
[Inclosure in No. 212.]

Mrs. Goldstein to Mr. Foster.

Honorable Sir: On February 23, 1892, one Jacob Goldstein left this port by steamer Spree of the Bremen line. On the same day, the said Jacob Goldstein paid to Messrs. C. B. Richard & Co., banters, No. 61 Broadway, New York City, certain moneys to procure for the said Jacob Goldstein a passport, and at the same time delivered to them his citizenship papers, all of which will more fully appear by the certificate of the said Messrs. Richard & Co., herewith inclosed; that said passport was issued to the said Jacob Goldstein, and the same was, together with his citizenship papers, sent to the said Jacob Goldstein by the said Messrs. Richard & Co., and as I have been informed the same was received by the said Jacob Goldstein upon his arrival on the other side; that a few days after his arrival he, the said “Jacob Goldstein,” an American citizen, “was arrested by some government [officer] at “Kharkov, Russia,” and his passport and citizenship papers taken away from him, and still is detained at said place.

As I have been informed, the cause of the detention of the said Jacob Goldstein is that the Russian Government claims that the said Jacob Goldstein is amenable to militia duties.

Inclosed please find two photographs of the said Jacob Goldstein for the purpose of identification, also a letter from the Hon. Charles Smith, the present alderman [Page 527] of the Eighth assembly district, in which the said Jacob Goldstein has resided for over twelve years, also a letter from the lodge that the said Jacob Goldstein is a member of.

I am the wife of the said Jacob Goldstein and reside with the children, of which I am the mother and the said Jacob Goldstein the father, at No. 43 Delancy street, New York City.

By giving this your earliest attention,

I remain, etc.,

Jennie Goldstein.

N. B.—Please address all communications to Mr. Philip Gratz, jr., No. 333 Grand street, New York City, and oblige, etc.,

Jennie Goldstein.
[Inclosure 1.]

Mr. Smith to Mr. Crawford.

Honorable U. S. Consul to Russia:

Dear Sir: Mr. Jacob Goldstein, a citizen of the United States, has been arrested in Kharkov, Russia, and is illegally detained there. He has his passport with him.

He has a wife and children and mother here (New York City). You will perceive by the foregoing facts that he is illegally detained there, and is a breach of the treaty between these United States and Russia. He has been living in my district for over twelve years, and I have known him to be a good and loyal citizen. You will kindly look into this matter and secure the release of said Jacob Goldstein. By so doing you will confer a personal favor on,

Yours, truly, etc.,

Charles Smith,
Alderman for Eighth Election District of the City of New York.
[Inclosure 2.]

Hon. U. S. Consul to Kharkov, Russia:

Dear Sri: This is to certify that Jacob Goldstein, who is illegally detained in your city, is a member of our congregation (The Congregation Adosholum Uriemtzer) of New York City. He is a citizen of these United States, and we have known him to be a good and loyal citizen. He has a mother, wife, and children here.

Yours, etc.,

  • A. Weinstein,
  • N. Beaurtties,
[Inclosure 3.]

To whom it may concern:

This is to certify that Jacob Goldstein purchased of us on February 20, 1892, one steerage ticket to Bremen per steamer Spree, sailing February 23, and on the same day paid us the amount for a United States passport, which we procured for him from Washington and mailed to him poste restante Bremen.

C. B. Richard & Co.