Mr. Hicks to Mr. Gresham.

No. 512.]

Sin: Referring to my No. 506, of June 12, I now have the pleasure of announcing that the Peruvian Government has paid to me the sum of 2,000 sols in full settlement of the claim of Enrique Meier, acting consular agent at Mollendo, for indemnity on account of damages to his person and property, caused by a mob on the night of March 25, 1893.

Inasmuch as this is the first payment made by Peru, to my knowledge, on account of claims for damages, during my residence of four years in the country, I feel greatly pleased at the result. The whole affair has apparently engendered only the kindest feelings on the part of the Peruvian Government, and instead of resulting in coldness and estrangement it has, to all appearances, had the effect of producing a cordial feeling towards the United States.

In order that the Department may understand the whole matter, I inclose a copy of my notes to the foreign office and the reply of the minister, with the decree of the President, my note to Mr. Meier and finally a receipt for the cash from Messrs Grace Brothers & Co., a duplicate of which was forwarded to Mr. Meier.

I have, etc.,

John Hicks.
[Inclosure 1 in No. 512.[

Mr. Hicks to Señor Jimenez.

Mr. Minister: Referring to your excellency’s note of June 9, 1893, in regard to the unfortunate affair at Mollendo on March 25, I am directed by my Government to accept the proposition made by your excellency to pay to Enrique Meier the sum of [Page 523]2,000 sols in full payment of all claims for damages arising from injury to the building in which was the consular agency of the United States, as well as for the damages to the person and property of Mr. Meier, the acting consular agent, growing out of the unfortunate affair before mentioned.

As I expect to close my official relations with Lima within a few days, it would be extremely gratifying if the payment of the sum mentioned could be consummated as soon as possible.

I have, etc.,

John Hicks.
[Inclosure 2 in No. 512.—Translation.]

Señor Jimenez to Mr. Hicks.

Mr. Minister: His excellency the President of the Republic has issued a decree yesterday (No. 196), of which I inclose to your excellency an authentic copy, ordering the payment of 2,000 sols to the consular agent of the United States at Arequipa, Mr. Enrique Meier, thus settling the claim made by him for damages caused him through the lamentable occurrences of the 25th of last March.

I have, etc.,

José M. Jimenez.
[Inclosure 3 in No. 512.—Translation.]

The claim presented by the envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the United States of America for an indemnity to Mr. Enrique Meier, consular agent of that Republic at Mollendo, for damages and a wound received by him on the night of the 25th of March, having been arranged by the decision of the council of ministers, and in fulfillment of the diplomatic arrangement that appears from the notes exchanged in reference to this matter, it is decreed: That the general treasury shall pay to the said Mr. Meier, or his representative, the sum of 2,000 sols, to be placed to the debit of the extraordinary expenses of the foreign office. To be communicated, registered, and sent forward to the ministry of finance for its execution.

[Sign-manual of the President of Peru.]



Carlos Wiesse,
Chief Clerk.
[Inclosure 4 in No. 512.]

Mr. Hicks to Señor Jimenez.

Mr. Minister: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your excellency’s esteemed note of June 15, transmitting a copy of the decree issued by his excellency the President of the Republic on the 14th instant, ordering the payment of 2,000 sols to the order of Enrique Meier, acting consular agent of the United States at Mollendo, in full settlement of his claim for indemnity growing out of the lamentable affair of the 25th of March.

I have also to acknowledge receipt of the 2,000 sols by the hand of Dr. Don Carlos Wiesse, chief clerk.

I beg to congratulate your excellency upon the happy and honorable termination of this affair.

Be pleased, etc.,

John Hicks.
[Inclosure 5 in No. 512.]

Mr. Hicks to Mr. Meier.

Sir: I have the pleasure of inclosing herewith a receipt from the house of Messrs. Grace Brothers & Co., showing that I have this day deposited to your credit the [Page 524]sum of 2,000 sols, being the amount received from the Government of Peru in full settlement of your claim for indemnity on account of the attack upon the Mollendo consular agency, March 25, 1893.

Please acknowledge receipt of this.

I have, etc.,

John Hicks.
[Inclosure 6 in No. 512.]

Received from John Hicks, U. S. minister to Peru, the sum of 2,000 sols silver, to he deposited to the credit of Don Enrique Meier, acting consular agent of the United States at Mollendo.

Grace Bros. & Co.,
Per Jas. Brooke.,

Duplicate sent to Mr. Meier.