Mr. McDonald to Mr. Gresham.

No. 27.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch, No. 26, concerning the murder of the Armenian Christian, Aga Jan Khan, at Oroomiah, I have the honor to report that I have received a most kind and satisfactory letter from the Shah, a copy of which is herewith inclosed. I have written thanking His Majesty for the prompt and complete manner in which he has responded to my request; but I beg to inquire whether the case is not one which would justify a telegram direct from the Department? I am sure it would gratify and strengthen him in like action in similar cases. I believe His Majesty is kindly disposed, and that his leanings are in the direction of liberality and justice.

I consider the position and action of His Majesty in this murder case as very gratifying and encouraging in the line of protection to Christians.

I have, etc.,

Alex. McDonald.
[Inclosure in No. 27.—Translation.]

The prime minister to Mr. McDonald.

Your Excellency: Your sincere communication respecting the murder of Aga Khan, a Christian, which was perpetrated at Oroomiah, has been laid before and perused by His Imperial Majesty the Shah—may his reign be permanently established—who has instructed me to send you a reply.

It is evident from your representations that you have been actuated in this matter by kindness of heart and good will towards this country. About the time that your letter reached His Majesty, in conformnity with his benignity of disposition and royal sense of justice, he had given stringent orders that the perpetrators of this crime should be arrested and the necessary punishment awarded to them.

On receiving your excellency’s communication, His Majesty was deeply grieved at this event, and he gave imperative orders to his imperial highness the valiahd (heir apparent), who was going to Oroomiah to make a special investigation into this case and have those who have committed this deed arrested and exemplary punishment inflicted upon them, and also to take every necessary and possible measure for the protection and quietness of others.

[Seal of the Sadr Azem.]