Mr. Sperry to Mr. Gresham.

No. 28.]

Sir: The correspondence herewith transmitted explains itself. It consists, first, of a resolution adopted by the American missionaries at Tabriz on the 7th of January 1893; second, of my letter forwarding this resolution to the Persian foreign office, dated January 23; third, my letter to Mr. (Rev.) S. G. Wilson, under date January 23.

I have, etc.,

Watson R. Sperry.
[Inclosure 1 in No. 23.]

At a meeting of the American missionaries held in Tabriz, Persia, on the 7th instant (January, 1893), the following action was taken:

Resolved, That we as American citizens, having heard of the arrival of his excelency the Hon. Watson R. Sperry, the U. S. minister to the court of the Shah, hereby send our cordial greetings and warm welcome to Persia, and extend to him our best wishes for a long and successful administration.

We also note in this connection, with pleasure, the auspicious coincident of his excellency’s arrival and the removal of the seals and the opening of the doors of our church and school, the closing of which was the cause of so much annoyance to us all.

We also request his excellency, if he can do so conveniently, to express to his Imperial Majesty the Shah of Persia, and to his ministers of state, the sincere thanks of the Protestant community, as well as our own, for their gracious favor in this unhappy affair.

  • W. S. Vannemann, M. D.,
  • W. L. Whipple, Agent of the American Bible Society,

[Inclosure 2 in No. 28.]

Mr. Sperry to the minister for foreign affairs.

It is with great personal pleasure that I transmit the inclosed paper to the ministry of foreign affairs. I cordially approve all that is expressed in the inclosed paper, in the way of thanks to his Imperial Majesty and to his ministers, for the removal of the seals from the church and school of the Presbyterian mission at Tabriz. And I beg to add my personal gratitude to the minister for foreign affairs of his Imperial Majesty for the energy and good will and promptness with which the minister for foreign affairs acted in this matter.

I have, etc.,

Watson R. Sperry.
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[Inclosure 3 in No. 28.]

Mr. Sperry to Rev. S. G. Wilson.

My Dear Sir: Your note of the 7th of January reached me late Saturday evening, the 21st of January. Permit me first to thank you for the very handsome resolution adopted by your committee in regard to my relation (mainly mechanical) to the removal of the Persian seals from your church and schools, and then to say that no conditions whatever were imposed upon the removal of these seals, hut that they were simply removed, and that is all.

What is told to you as conditions for the removal of the seals ought to be shown to you in authentic form, otherwise the statement is mere words and of no value. I can not believe that any conditions would have been imposed, in fact, without making them known to this legation, and I know that there is no authority in Persia to consider and decide about conditions of the kind in question except at this legation. As I have just said, I do not believe the Persian Government made any conditions whatever. I think they removed the seals for the simple reason that it was a right and friendly thing to do.

I write hastily, but with every consideration of respect and esteem.

I am, etc.,

Watson R. Sperry.