Mr. Adee to Mr. Dun.

No. 24.]

Sir: I have received your No. 18 of the 4th instant, presenting the very generous and humane services rendered by Mr. Yoshiomi Seki, governor of the prefecture of Tokushima, to the crew of the American vessel North American, wrecked off the coast of Japan, July 23, 1892.

The Department has been glad to obtain so full an account of the humane conduct of Governor Seki, and it has afforded the President [Page 407]pleasure to supplement his other testimonials to the Japanese subjects for their services on that occasion, by ordering that a gold watch and chain, the former to be suitably engraved, shall be presented to Governor Seki in recognition of his humane and generous efforts.

The testimonial will be forwarded to you for presentation through the foreign office at an early date.

I am, etc.

Alyey A. Adee.
Acting Secretary.