Mr. Coombs to Mr. Foster.

No. 81.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose herewith copy of a note of date the 19th instant from his excellency Mutsu Munemitsu, His Imperial Japanese Majesty’s minister for foreign affairs, and of its two accompaniments, relative to the receipt and disposition by the villagers of Shiwaki-ura of the gift of $350 from the Government of the United States, in recognition of their services in connection with the rescue of the crew of the American merchant vessel North American.

I have, etc.,

Frank L. Coombs.
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[Inclosure 1 in No. 81.]

Mr. Mutsu Munemitsu to Mr. Coombs.

Sir: I have had the honor to receive your excellency’s note No. 29 of the 28th December last, expressing satisfaction at the manner in which the villagers of Shiwaki-ura, Tokushima Prefecture, propose to dispose of the money granted by the Government of the United States in recognition of their services in rescuing the crew of the vessel North American.

In acquainting your excellency that I have lost no time in complying with your request to convey the expression of your appreciation to the governor of Tokushima Prefecture, and through him to the local authorities and people of Shiwaki-ura, I beg leave to transmit to you a receipt for the money and a declaration accepting the proposed mode of its disposition, which have been produced by the villagers to the governor and forwarded to me by the latter.

I avail myself, etc.,

Mutsu Munemitsu,
Minister for Foreign Affairs.
[Inclosure 2 in No. 81.—Translation.]


$350 United States gold.

Being the sum of yen 520.03 in Japanese money donated by the American Government as a gift to the villagers of this village, who gave assistance in rescuing the officers and crew of the American merchant vessel North American, which was wrecked in July of this year.

The above amount has been received.

Signed on behalf of the villagers of Owaza-Shiwaki-ura-mura, township of Mikita-mura, county of Kaibu.
  • Haruki Chujiro,
  • Yamashita Sojiro,
  • Hamano Isekichi,
  • Wakamatsu Shotaro,
  • Matsuda Choshichi,
  • Hirai Torakichi,
  • Okumara Bunsaku,
  • Bando Tokutaro,
  • Hashimoto Tokutaro,
  • Yoshino Tsurekichi,
  • Hamano Umekichi,
  • Wakagi Kantaro,
  • Taga Yasuzo,
  • Konda Shigimatsu,
  • Kainei Seizaboro,
  • Itsumoto Kosaburo,
  • Sato Ichitaro,
  • Miyazaki Ezaburo,
  • Kusumoto Bunjiro.

To the Hon. Seki Yoshiomi,
Governor of Tokushima Prefecture.

[Inclosure 3 in No. 81—Translation.]

$350 United States gold equivalent to yen, 520.08 Japanese money.

The above sum being the amount received as a gift from the American Government to be distributed among those of this village who rendered assistance in July last in the rescue of the officers and crew of the American merchant vessel North [Page 393]American and in pursuance of the benevolent desire of the American Government to be expended in the purchase of fishing boats, fishing implements, and other necessary implements used in their respective vocations, we feel that so long as these implements lasted this kindness would be kept in mind, but in order that we may not have cause to regret seeing the evidence of this great kindness pass away from our sight, we desire that the said sum may not be distributed to individuals, but may be invested as a common fund from the interest of which fishing boats and implements for the whole village of Shiwaki-Ura may be purchased, and thus perpetuate the memory of this benevolent act of the American Government.

We hereby have the honor to present this our consent in writing to the manner mutually fixed upon as to the disposal of the aforesaid money.

December 29, 1892.

Signed on behalf of the villagers of Owaza-Shiwaki-ura, township of Kikita-mura, county of Kaibu, by Naaruki Chujiro and eighteen others, whose names appear in the accompanying certificate.

To the Hon. Seki Yoshiomi,
Governor of Tokushima Prefecture.