Mr. Foster to Mr. Durham.

No. 101.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your dispatches numbered 148, 149, 155, and 156, dated respectively January 18, 19, and 23 last, in relation to the claim of Frederick Mevs:

There is nothing in the instructions given you to warrant a conclusion that the President has contemplated the employment of naval force or demonstration in support of this demand. The clearness of the case and the sense of justice and responsibility of the Haitian Government have been and are still relied on for a satisfactory settlement of the claim without resort to other than diplomatic methods. The telegraphic instructions of the 9th instant are adhered to, and you are directed to continue to push the claim as you have been doing without any threat of force or intimation that its employment is contemplated by this Government. If it shall finally appear to the President’s satisfaction, which is not anticipated, that the methods of diplomacy have been unavailing, and that no expectation of a voluntary recognition of the claimant’s rights can be entertained, then this Government will consider what further action, if any, shall be taken.

I am, etc.,

John W. Foster.