Mr. Gresham to Mr. Yang YĆ¼.

Sir: In connection with my notes of the 24th and 31st ultimo, concerning the probable outbreaks against the Chinese in Tulare and Kern counties, California, I have the honor to apprise you of the receipt of two letters from the executive of the State of California of the 1st and 2d instant.

It appears that the sheriff of San Bernardino County was apprehensive that an anti-Chinese demonstration would occur at Redlands on the evening of the 1st instant and requested that the militia of that place and of San Bernardino County might be called to his assistance if necessary. To this appeal Governor Markham directed the brigadier-general of the State militia in that part of the State to take proper steps to have the troops at those points ready for action and to promptly call them out if in his judgment the necessities of the situation required it. Governor Markham further directed that law and order must be maintained throughout the State.

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By a telegram of the 2d instant from James P. Booth, sheriff, to the governor, who has transmitted it, with his letter of that date, it is reported that no demonstration was made on the 1st beyond the cutting of electric wires in San Bernardino. Sheriff Booth believes that the determined stand taken by the State authorities averted whatever trouble may have been feared, and he has notified the National Guard that he had no longer need for their services.

I am sure you will be glad to learn of the prompt and patriotic action of the governor and other officials of the State of California to maintain peace and order.

Accept, etc.,

W. Q. Gresham.