Mr. Newberry to Mr. Blaine.

No. 214.]

Sir: I received this morning a note from the minister for foreign affairs, a copy and translation of which is inclosed, also copy of my reply, which refers to the late occupation of missionary property by the Spaniards at Ponape. This note is in answer to mine of November 26, to the said minister, copy of which I inclosed to the Department in my No. 205, of November 26. As Minister Grubb arrives to-morrow, I will lay the facts and correspondence before him as soon as convenient.

I have, etc.;

H. R. Newberry,
Chargé d’Affaires ad interim.
[Inclosure 1 in No. 214.—Translation.]

The Duke of Tetuan to Mr. Newberry.

My Dear Sir: I have received your note dated November 26th ultimo, in which you request, in the name of your Government, the prompt settlement of the difficulties arisen in the Caroline Islands, in consequence of measures taken by Spanish officers, consisting in the occupation, of American property without carrying out, as was the case at Kenan, the agreement entered upon to pay as a compensation a specified sum.

I would have answered at once to the contents of said note, but as no data exist in this ministry enabling me to do it, I have asked for them to my colleague, the minister of ultramar (colonies), urging upon him that if the necessary particulars have not yet been received to thoroughly appreciate the facts which have occasioned the complaints which, in the name of your Government, you have set forth, to recommend with a special interest to the Spanish authorities its prompt expedition.

Her Majesty’s Government, on taking a decision in this matter, will be inspired in the same feelings of rectitude and justice which prompt all its actions.

I avail myself, etc.,

The Duke of Tetuan.
[Inclosure 2 in No. 214.]

Mr. Newberry to the Duke of Tetuan.

Excellency: I beg to acknowledge receipt of your excellency’s note of December 8, and have had the honor of transmitting a copy of same to my Government. I sincerely trust that your excellency will see the necessity of a prompt adjustment of this difficulty, and I await with patience the decision of your excellency’s Government in regard to this and the Kenan affair, on receipt of which I shall have the honor of informing the State Department at Washington.

I avail myself, etc.,

H. R. Newberry.