Mr. Blaine to Mr. Wurts.

No. 163.]

I inclose a copy of a letter from his honor, the mayor of Philadelphia, of the 26th instant, concerning this shipment by the Conemaugh.

I am, etc.,

James G. Blaine.

Mayor Stuart to Mr. Blaine.

Dear Sir: I beg to advise yon that on Saturday last, 23d instant, the American steamship Conemaugh, Capt. James H. Spencer, left the port of Philadelphia bound for Riga, Russia, with the following cargo of supplies for the starving people of Russia: Flour, 33,163 sacks—5,101,260 pounds; flour, 561 barrels—112,200 pounds; rice, 400 sacks—88,000 pounds; miscellaneous, 80 packages—4,000 pounds: total, 5,305,460 pounds. And that Mr. Francis B. Reeves, as commissioner from the Citizens Russian Famine Relief Committee, of this city, sails to-day from New York by steamship Waesland for Antwerp, and will proceed thence immediately to St. Petersburg.

Yours, etc.,

Edward S. Stuart.
Mayor and Chairman Relief Committee.