Mr. Smith to Mr. Blaine.

No. 168.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that the steamer Missouri, the second of the several relief ships from America, bearing a large quantity of wheat flour contributed chiefly by the millers of the Northwest, arrived at Libau on the 3d instant. As in the case of the Indiana, this legation had, with the aid of auxiliary organizations here, made full arrangements for the prompt unloading of the ship and distribution of the cargo. As a result, the hour left Libau in nine trains, made up of two hundred and forty-one cars, apportioned among thirteen provinces and consigned to seventy-five centers and persons for distribution. The last of the trains left Libau on the 6th, and the Missouri was able to start on her return voyage yesterday.

Mr. W. C. Edgar, Col. Charles McC. Reeve, and Mr. E. J. Phelps, the commissioners appointed by the governor of Minnesota, came to St. Petersburg in advance, and, after hearing and approving the plan of distribution, proceeded to Libau, where they joined with Consul-General Crawford, Consul Bornholdt, and the Russian authorities in receiving the Missouri. This second cargo was welcomed by the Russian representatives and people with the same cordiality and the same honors which were accorded to the Indiana, and which were detailed in my No. 160.

I have, etc.,

Charles Emory Smith.