Mr. Foster to Baron Fava.

My Dear Baron: As promised by me in our interview this morning, I take pleasure in herewith inclosing a copy of the letter from the Acting Secretary of the Navy, of the 18th instant, the original of which you read.

I desire to assure you of my cordial participation in the sentiments expressed by Mr. Soley.

Very truly yours,

John W. Foster.

Mr. Soley to Mr. Foster.

Sir: The Department is informed, from unofficial sources, of a possibility that the steamer bearing the statue of Columbus, a gift of Italian-Americans to the city of New York, may be accompanied to the United States by a vessel of war of the Kingdom of Italy.

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I have the honor, on behalf of the Navy Department, to say with what cordial satisfaction it views the prospect of such a visit, and to express the sincere hope that the Italian Government may decide to dispatch one of its war vessels upon this occasion of special interest to the two nations.

I would further say that in case of the arrival of an Italian vessel of war in our waters, above all, upon such a mission, it will be the agreeable duty of the Navy Department to tender to it a most cordial welcome, worthy of such an honored visitor, and expressive of the strong and loyal sentiment of friendship with which this country regards the Government and people of Italy.

I have etc.,

James R. Soley,
Acting Secretary of the Navy.