Mr. Carr to Mr. Blaine.

No. 53.]

Sir: Referring to my telegram and my dispatch No. 52, both dated on yesterday, I hasten to give you inclosed herewith a translation of the note of the minister of foreign affairs, announcing the removal of restrictions upon the importation of pork from the United States, which has only just come to hand.

It will be observed from this that the concession applies to all hog products, and that the order took effect on the 8th instant, the day of its promulgation.

I have, etc.,

Clark E. Carr.
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[Inclosure in No. 53.—Translation.]

Baron Lehn to Mr. Carr.

Mr. Minister: In-having the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 5th instant on the subject of the free importation of American pork, I hasten to inform you that the minister of the interior has on the 8th instant removed the prohibition of March 10, 1888, against the importation from the United States of the flesh of swine and the other raw products of this animal, bladders and steam lard, which are supplied with a certificate from competent American authority that the product in question was before its departure from the said United States inspected in conformity with the laws of said States, and that by this examination it has been found wholesome and proper for human food.

In adding that this order went into effect at the date of its promulgation by the minister of the interior, I seize, etc.

O. D. Rosenörn Lehn.