Mr. King to Mr. Blaine.

No. 70.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge your instruction No. 39 of 7th instant, with inclosures, concerning the attack of Moussa Bey on Messrs. Knapp and Raynolds.

By way of reply to the statements of Mr. Dwight and Mr. Smith, I will add that, notwithstanding Mr. Dwight’s statement that the Turks have paid no attention to my note, I received a reply to it sooner than I expected or than is customary; and Sir William A. White, the British ambassador, has informed me more than once that he thinks my note has rendered important assistance.

As seen in my dispatch No. 62 of 19th instant, I have hope that Moussa Bey will not go unpunished; at any rate, there is not yet occasion for ships of war nor for intemperate language.

If a critical occasion should arise, I do not think that the spirit of “Webster” will fail this legation.

I have, etc.,

Pendleton King.