Mr. Grip to Mr. Wharton.


Mr. Secretary: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 5th instant, inclosing me a letter from the Secretary of the Navy, who does me the honor to invite me to be present at the embarkation of the mortal remains of John Ericsson on the ship of war Baltimore at New York on the 23d instant.

I take the liberty to transmit herewith a reply by which I have the honor to accept the invitation which the Navy Department has kindly addressed to me.

Be pleased to accept, etc.,

A. Grip.

Mr. Grip to the Acting Secretary of the Navy.

Mr. Secretary: By a letter of the 2d instant, you have been so kind as to inform me that the Navy Department has given orders for the conveyance of the mortal remains of John Ericsson to the country of his birth, and that they will be embarked on the man-of-war Baltimore at the port of New York on the 23d instant.

In answer to the invitation that you have done me the honor to send me, I hasten to imform you that I will consider it a duty, if possible, to be at that time in New York in order to assist at the embarkation.

His majesty’s consul at New York will also have the honor of being present.

Accept, etc.,

A. Grip.