Mr. Shu Cheou Port to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that, through a letter received yesterday from the Chinese minister, Chang, in Cuba, I learn that there are more than a hundred Chinese subjects there who are anxious to pass through the United States in transit to China, but who are not permitted to come on board by the masters of the steamers that leave Havana for the port of New York, owing to the fact that some time last year the customs authorities in the latter port had not allowed four Chinese subjects who had come as passengers on board a steamer from Cuba to land. This would indeed occasion great inconvenience to the Chinese subjects who desire to pass through the United States in transit.

According to the stipulations of the treaty now existing between the two countries and international law, this class of Chinese subjects should not be prohibited from passing through the United States in transit. This subject has been fully discussed in the note of the 18th of January last, addressed to the Department by the Chinese minister. Now, [Page 124] I beg respectfully that you will take into your consideration the friendly relations that happily exist between the two Governments and invite the immediate attention of the Secretary of the Treasury to the subject to the end that he may without delay issue instructions to the customs authorities in the port of New York to permit the masters of steamers or vessels to bring and land this class of Chinese subjects, which I will deem as an act of kindness.

Accept, etc.,

Shu Cheou Pon.