Mr. Rives to Mr. Chang Yen Hoon.

Sir: I have the pleasure to inform you that the President to-day approved an act recently passed by the Congress entitled “An act making appropriations to supply deficiencies in the appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1888, and for other purposes,” in which an appropriation is made, “to pay out of humane consideration and without reference to the question of liability therefor, the sum of $276,619.75 to the Chinese Government as full indemnity for all losses [Page 117] and injuries sustained by Chinese subjects within the United States at the hands of residents thereof.”

It affords me great satisfaction to acquaint you with this generous provision on the part of the Government of the United States to relieve the unfortunate subjects of his majesty the Emperoi of China who have suffered in their persons and property at the hands of evildoers, whose acts can in no wise be imputed to the Government or to the right-minded people of the United States, however much they call for sincere and sorrowful regret and appeal—and not in vain—to their sentiments of humanity and to their desire to alleviate the distressed condition of those so injured by acts of lawlessness.

Upon your return to this capital the Secretary of State, or, I, in his absence, will be gratified to arrange with you the payment of the sum in question, through your instrumentality, as in the previous case of the Rock Springs appropriation, to the Chinese subjects for whom it is intended.

Accept, etc.,

G. L. Rives.