Mr. Valente to Mr. Blaine.


Mr. Secretary: Confirming the verbal statements I had the honor to convey to your excellency, I am now in a position to give you further information on the political conditions of my country.

The nation has been constituted in a republic under the denomination of the United States of Brazil and the Provisional Government, [Page 70] having as its chief Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca, is formed thus: minister of the interior, Mr. Aristides Lobo; minister of finance, Mr. Euy Barbosa; minister of war, Mr. Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Constant Botelho de Magathoes; minister of marine, Bear-Admiral Eduardo Wandenkolk; minister of foreign affairs, Mr. Quintino Bocayuva; minister of agriculture, Mr. Demetrio Ribeiro; minister of justice, Mr. Manuel Ferros Campos Salles.

The Provisional Government will meet all engagements entered upon and contracts made by the State, and undertakes the new work of organization under conditions of peace and general satisfaction, all the provinces having already adhered to the new political situation.

I beg further to notify your excellency that the new Government has confirmed the powers previously conferred on me as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary on ordinary and special mission, and delegate to the International American Congress, and also the powers of Messrs. Lafayette and Mendonça, as envoys extraordinary and minis ters plenipotentiary on special mission and delegates to the named Congress.

I have the honor to transmit to your excellency herein copy of the telegrams giving me the information I have been conveying to you in this note.

I must inform your excellency that Mr. Lafayette has not accepted the renewal of his powers.

The powers of the Captains T. A. Cordovil Mauritz and Luis Felippe Saldanta da Gama as delegates of Brazil to the Maritime Conference have been also renewed.

I take, etc.

J. G. do Amaral Valente.
[Inclosure No. 1—Telegram—Translation.]

Mr. Bocayuva to Mr. Valente.

Republic proclaimed. Provisional Government constituted by the army, navy, and people enter upon its duties. Chief of the Government, Marshall Deodoro da Fonseca; minister of interior, Aristides Silveira Lobo; finance, Ruy Barbosa; war, Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Constant Botelho Magathoes; navy. Rear-Admiral Eduardo Wandenkolk; foreign affairs, Quintino Bocayuva; justice, Manuel Ferros Campos Salles; agriculture, Demetrio Ribeiro.

Quintino Bocayuva,
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
[Inclosure No. 2—Telegram—Translation.]

Mr. Barbosa to Mr. Valente.

Government is constituted in Republic of the United States of Brazil. Monarchy deposed; imperial family left the country; provinces adhere; tranquillity and general satisfaction; executive power intrusted to Provisional Government, whose chief is Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca, and myself the minister of finance; Republic respects strictly all engagements and contracts entered upon by the State.

Ruy Barbosa,
Minister of Finance.
[Page 71]
[Inclosure No. 3—Telegram—Translation.]

Mr. Bocayuva to Mr. Valente.

Provisional Government confirms powers given to you and Messrs. Lafayette and Mendonça.