Mr. Kloss to Mr. Blaine.


Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your esteemed note of the 5th instant, in which you were so kind as to inclose a copy of a report of July 31 from the Secretary of the Treasury concerning the refusal of the competent authorities at New York to allow certain Swiss citizens to land there.

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While I have the honor to thank you warmly for the trouble which you have taken, I take the liberty of requesting you to convey my best thanks to the Secretary of the Treasury also for the kind interest which he has taken in the investigation of the case. I am, furthermore, much obliged to him for having given the necessary instructions, as appears by the said report, in order that all future cases of the same kind, in which Swiss citizens are concerned, may be promptly communicated to the Swiss consul at New York.

Accept, etc.,

K. Kloss.