Mr. Bayard to Mr. Winchester.

No. 144.]

Sir: Your dispatch No. 224, of the Diplomatic Series, dated the 30th ultimo, has been received.

It affords me much gratification to observe, from the language of that part of the annual report of the high federal council to the federal assembly which you quote for my information, that the Swiss Government is awaking to the inconveniences of the continual want of accord between it and the Government of the United States in respect to the status of persons of Swiss origin who have become duly naturalized in this country in conformity with the statutes of the United States; and that it is desirous of bringing about such amendment of the municipal code of the confederation as will enable the negotiation of a convention with the United States in recognition and confirmation of the citizenship so acquired.

I trust that you will discreetly, as occasion may offer, testify the interest which this Government feels in the conventional adjustment of this question, and its earnest hope that the course now taken by the high federal council will be successful in leading to a complete understanding between the two countries, by removing the obstacles which have heretofore impeded negotiations to the desired end.

I am, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.