Mr. Ryan to Mr. Blaine.

No. 48.]

Sir: Pursuant to your instruction No. 30, of 12th instant, I have the honor to advise you that I this day addressed to Mr. Mariscal a note upon the subject of the claim of Howard C. Walker against the Mexican Government for wrongful imprisonment and cruel treatment at Minatitlan, State of Vera Cruz, copy of said note being herewith inclosed.

I am, etc.,

Thos. Ryan.
[Inclosure in No. 48.]

Mr. Ryan to Mr. Mariscal.

Sir: Under instructions from my Government, I have respectfully to draw your excellency’s attention again to the claim of Mr. Howard C. Walker, a citizen of the United States, against the Mexican Government, for wrongful imprisonment and cruel treatment by the Mexican officials at Minatitlan, State of Vera Cruz, for a period of nearly four years.

It appears that under specific instructions from the United States Government Mr. Thomas B. Connery, United States chargé d’affaires ad interim, in a note addressed to your excellency, bearing date 13th of February, 1888, presented a very full, clear, and concise statement of facts relating to the subject, and praying your excellency for a subsequent conference to treat on the reparation to be given.

On the following day your excellency was kind enough to address Mr. Connery a note ackowledging the receipt of his communication, and courteously assuring him that yon would examine his said note and its inclosures, and duly reply thereto.

In view of the fact that as yet your excellency has not made such reply, although nearly eighteen months have elapsed since the date of your excellency’s note, my Government sends me specific instructions again to call the attention of your excellency’s Government to the facts in the case, and respectfully ask your excellency for a statement of its conclusions in the matter.

I beg to renew, etc.,

Thomas Ryan.