Mr. Ryan to Mr. Blaine.

No. 17.]

Sir: Nothing further having reached this legation concerning the case of Leon McLeod Baldwin, cruelly murdered in Durango in August, 1887, since Mr. Whitehouse, acting under instructions of the Department, [Page 563] on December 17 last, again called Mr. Mariscal’s attention to the matter, I have deemed it my duty to renew the solicitations for a humane and equitable adjustment of the case.

Mr. Whitehouse in his dispatch, No. 218, of December 17, 1888, stated that Mr. Mariscal asserted that he was not yet in possession of sufficient evidence to form a definite opinion.

It would certainly appear that since that time, nearly six months ago, Mr. Mariscal had had ample time and opportunities to convince himself in the matter.

I am, etc.,

Thomas Ryan.
[Inclosure in No. 17.]

Mr. Ryan to Mr. Mariscal.

Sir: Several months have expired since Mr. Whitehouse, acting under instructions from the Department of State, drew your excellency’s attention (December 17, 1888) anew to the case of Leon McLeod Baldwin, who was murdered in Durango in 1887.

The details of this sad affair are so well known to your excellency that it would be superfluous to enter into them again, but this legation having up to the present received no communication concerning the matter since your excellency’s note of June 4, 1888, I deem it my duty again to draw your excellency’s attention to this most important case, and respectfully to suggest the desirability for an early adjustment.

It will be looked upon as a singularly graceful and friendly act by my Government should a decision in accordance with the principles of humanity and equity be arrived at by your excellency’s Government.

I am confident that when your excellency has carefully considered the exceptional and distressing conditions of the case you will be inclined to agree with the views presented by my Government.

I take, etc.

Thomas Ryan.