Mr. Fearn to Mr. Blaine.

No. 168.]

Sir: In a recent interview, Mr. Dragoumis having stated to me that the Hellenic Government could not regard article 1 of our treaty with Greece as applicable to joint stock companies and other associations, and that the legal status of the latter, in. the cases of Great Britain and Austria-Hungary, had been determined by special agreement between the respective Governments, I informed him that such rights were fixed by law in the United States, and that foreigners and foreign corporations there not only had the right to appear in all the tribunals, but could, if they thought proper, transfer their cases from the State to the Federal courts. This, he said, was all that was needed, and that an official declaration to that effect from my Government would be adequate, such declaration being required by Greek law.

As there are several American corporations seeking a domicile here, notably the New York Life insurance Company, which require the sanction of the Government to engage in business, I beg the Department will send me the necessary certificate as soon as possible.

The arrangement with Austria-Hungary was made by certificate signed by Count Kalnoky; that with Great Britain by agreement, a copy of which I inclose.

I have, etc.,

Walker Fearn.
[Inclosure in No. 168.]

agreement between greece and great britain.

His Hellenic Majesty’s Government and that of Her Britannic Majesty, being desirous to effect the reciprocal regulation in the Kingdom of Greece and in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland of the position of joint stock companies and other commercial, industrial, and financial associations, the undersigned, duly authorized to that effect by their respective Governments aforesaid, have come to the following agreement:

Joint stock companies and other associations, commercial, industrial, and financial, constituted in conformity with the laws in force in either of the contracting states, may exercise in the dominions of the other all their rights, including that of appearing before tribunals for the purpose of bringing an action or of defending themselves, with the sole condition in exercising such rights of always conforming themselves to the laws and customs in force in the said dominions.

It is understood that these dispositions shall be applicable as well to the companies and associations constituted and authorized previously to the signature of this agreement as to those which may subsequently be so constituted and authorized.

The present agreement shall come into operation on the 15th of the present month of August and shall remain in force until one of the contracting parties shall announce to the other, one year in advance, its intention to terminate it. Such modifications may, however, by common consent be introduced into it as experience may show to be desirable.

Done in duplicate at Athens the, etc.