Count von Arco-Valley to Mr. Bayard.


The Imperial Government has been pleased to see, as it has by the honorable Mr. Bayard’s notes to the undersigned bearing date of November 21 and 26, 1888, that the United States Government recognizes the importance of preventing conflicts between subjects of the German Empire and American citizens on the Samoan Islands, and that Consul-General Sewall is instructed, on returning to Apia, to co-operate with the Imperial consul there. It has by repeated instructions, been made the duty of the latter officer to settle, by means of amicable arrangements with his American and English colleagues, all differences that may arise relative to matters in which the interests of foreigners residing in Samoa are concerned. This task has been rendered difficult by the fact that the officer in charge of the American consulate and the commander of the American war vessel have during the present revolution on the Samoan Islands openly taken part against Chief Tamasese, who is recognized by the Imperial Government, and have supported Chief Mataafa. The rule of the latter, according to the best information in possession of the Imperial Government, offers no guaranties for the protection of the rights, or for the security of the lives and property of the Germans on the Samoan Islands. So far from this being the case, the depredations committed by Mataafa’s adherents on the German plantations still continue, according to the latest advices, while Mataafa has neither the disposition nor the ability to bring the guilty parties to trial and punishment.

The undersigned has the honor, in pursuance of instructions received, to bring the foregoing to the notice of the honorable Mr. Bayard, See retary of State, and he avails, etc.