Mr. Chang Yen Hoon to Mr. Blaine.

Sir: According to section 6, of the act of Congress of July 5, 1884, every Chinese merchant entitled by the existing treaty (1880) between the Governments of China and the United States to come within the United States, shall obtain the permission of and be identified as so entitled by the Chinese Government, in each case to be evidenced by a certificate in the English language issued by said Government.

I have now the honor to inclose for your perusal a form proposed by me, of the certificate above mentioned, and would deem it a favor if you will kindly inform me whether it is a proper one and conforms with the requirements of the said act of Congress; if so, I shall submit it to Tsung-li Yamên at Peking for its consideration and adoption, so that the [Page 140] local authorities of all the provinces along the coast of China may be instructed to issue a certificate, according to this form, with a Chinese translation thereof printed on the counterpart thereof, to any Chinese merchant who may apply for the same.

Accept, etc.,

Chang Yen Hoon.

Form of certificate.

This is to certify that,—— ——, whose description list is given below, has been granted permission by the Government of China to go to the United States; that his occupation is that of a merchant, in which he has been engaged for —— years at —— and that his present place of residence is ——; that his special business as a merchant has been —— and its estimated annual value amounts to —— dollars or taels.

Signed and sealed this

[Here follows date and place of certificate.]

Descriptive list.

Name. (Give individual and tribal family) ——.

Age ——.

Height —— feet —— inches.

Color of eyes ——.

Physical marks ————.

Signature ——.