No. 441.
Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Heap.

No. 208.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge, with approval, your No. 396, of the 4th ultimo, concerning the denunciation of the treaty of 1862 by the Sublime Porte, and your note to the minister for foreign affairs reserving all rights of this Government under the treaty of 1830.

In your note to Assim Pasha you appear to have met the implication of the Porte that its proposal to establish a modus vivendi, under the treaty of 1862, had been unsuccessful through our failure to come to an agreement. The protocol submitted by this Government was in response to the Porte’s general and unformulated proposal, and it was rejected without being, as would appear, ever considered or being deemed to merit the submission of a counter-draft; neither does Tevfik Pasha’s note of rejection even show in what respects it was unacceptable nor suggest any amendment.

I am, &c.,