No. 439.
Mr. Heap to Mr. Frelinghuysen.

No. 402.]

Sir: * * * Referring to dispatch No. 196, relative to the restrictions imposed upon the sale of the Holy Scriptures in Turkey, complained of by the secretary of the American Bible Society of New York, I have to state that I waited on the minister for foreign affairs the day I received the dispatch and called his attention to this often-repeated grievance. There is now reason to believe that this question is in a fair way of adjustment, although some time will elapse before the necessary orders can reach all the governors and other provincial authorities.

Similar restrictions have occurred here, but upon being brought to the knowledge of the legation or consulate-general the causes tor complaint have been removed.

The difficulties thrown in the way of the American Bible Society, particularly in the sale of their books, come less from Mohammedans than from Christian sects.

I have, &c.,